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  • 1/5 Stars - Pete - 25/08/2013

    The advertised $6.99 breakfast is amazing! Though they will serve you coffee and juice before telling you that it is $3.99 for a small juice and $2.99 for a poor tasting coffee. Also I heard someone say the water is $3.99. There are many other places for just a little more base fee that include coffee and juice and all you can eat. The food as well was worth the money. But not worth the surprise juice fee. I feel badly for any families that unsuspecting go in for an affordable meal and find outrageous costs for their son or daughters morning juice. The waitresses were quite nice on the plus side. They really have to work for a tip there.

  • 1/5 Stars - Sandra - 30/07/2014

    Terrible. No fresh fruit. Scrambled eggs. Made to order eggs $2.99 more. Undercooked bacon (poor quality bacon) Juice $3.99, coffee $2.99. Only instant decafe. Zero recommendations. Family of 5 (3 under 7). Bill $60.00.