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5827 River Road, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, L2G 3K9

Niagara's best kept secret is a delightful dining room that is literally embraced by the manicured, floral splendor of Niagara Parks' luxuriant Oakes Garden Theatre.

Appropriately named "The Secret Garden", this unique Niagara restaurant offers a truly unforgettable dining experience surrounded by artistic creations of many talented Canadians and our scenic view from inside, or out on our patio overlooking the breathtaking spectacle of the American Falls. Our menu celebrates Canada's diverse culinary influences for the enjoyment of visitors from near and far. We serve a wonderful array of fine wines exclusively from Niagara's award winning wineries.

We are proud to be Canadian and we'd like you to experience what makes this great country special.

Your visit to Niagara Falls wouldn't be complete without discovering its wonderful secret garden. Just stroll towards the Falls through Oakes Garden Theatre Park across from the Falls Street entrance to CASINO NIAGARA, or visit the great Niagara attractions.

With a special emphasis on Canadiana and native crafts, you'll find Niagara's best selection of gifts and souvenirs at "The Secret Garden Gift Shop". Adjacent to the restaurant, why not come for a meal and leave with a treasure.

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