Vinters Quality Alliance Ontario
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  • 4/5 Stars - John Cook - 26/05/2013

    An excellent dining experience, with a fantastic view of the city, and the Falls, themselves. The service is exceptional. Prices are higher than other nearby options, but that's to be expected for such a one-of-a-kind experience. There are significantly cheaper meal options for children. Great for special occasions!

  • 5/5 Stars - Elaine Bald - 30/05/2013

    Our company recently hosted a corporate event at the Revolving Dining Room. Over 55 guests/clients from across Canada and the US came to Niagara for the 2 day event. We kicked off the event with dinner at the Skylon Tower. It was a super way to get things going. The Skylon is the perfect setting. Our dinner started off with a cocktail reception in the Summit Suite and we moved down to the Revolving Dining Room for a wonderful dining experience. The service, the menu, the atmosphere were exceptional. Everyone was thrilled. The layout provided for an intimate setting for lots of fun and getting to know each other. The wait staff were wonderful - couldn't ask for any better service. Most importantly, everyone was impressed by the quality of the meal. We were allowed to leisurely enjoy our meal while day turned to night and the Falls became a panorama of lights. It was the perfect spot to welcome our guests/clients to Niagara Falls. The staff helped us with the planning and every detail was perfect as planned. Thank you, Skylon staff.

  • 1/5 Stars - Dr. Don - 13/08/2013

    Zero stars. Minus 5 would be more accurate. Went to the buffet for dinner. $39 buffet becomes a $49 buffet if you want something to drink. Went to the buffet to get "Prime Rib". There was no personnel in attendance. Only a few dried out pieces of meat and a whole roast. After several minutes, a server finally showed up. I asked him for a rare slice and he said no. He said the pieces that were there were medium rare and that was good enough. I thought maybe he misunderstood and repeated that I wanted a rare slice cut from the roast that was sitting there. Again he refused and said what was already cut was good enough. If I didn't like it, I could tell my server. I didn't bother. I left my plate of food on the buffet line and told the hostess we were leaving and explained why. She also seemed as if she couldn't care less. Don't waste your time there. Watching other people there, the meat looked as if it was as tough as shoe leather and probably didn't taste any better. Try the Keg.