Folk Arts Festival May 9 - June 1, 2014 @ Folk Arts MultiCultural Centre

Folk Arts MultiCultural Centre
85 Church Street, St. Catharines Ontario Canada, L2R 3C7 16.5km from the Falls

May 9th to June 1

Welcome to the Niagara Folk Arts Festival, Canada's oldest continually-running Heritage Festival. This festival is a beautiful blend of the cultures and people that make Canada a nation to be envied.

During the festival the multicultural community opens its doors and its hearts and welcomes you to experience the beauty and uniqueness of their cultures, traditions, art, music and food. There are dances, exhibitions, live entertainment and more. Please read through the "OPEN HOUSES" and choose the dates that suit you. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet some truly wonderful people that live right here in Niagara.

Kicking off the festival is the FOLK ARTS DAYS IN THE PARK/CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL.. This is a gathering for all to attend and be as one with the diversity of our country as we celebrate, taste and experience memorable sights and sounds.