NCCP Community Rugby – Initiation January 26, 2013

The Initiation (CSp-Init) context focuses on participants who are being introduced to rugby. This course is targeted towards beginner coaches who are working with athletes who have not participated before. The course is very focused to practical rugby instruction with online pre-task theory learning and is designed as a Trained Only Course with no post evaluation. This is a great course to tell you more about rugby and how to coach it.Rugby Canada is committed to Long Term Athlete Development and CSp-Init incorporates and targets a number of Developmental Stages for coaches.There are two (2) modules incorporated into CSp-Init:Module (2A) Non-Contact (6 hours) Active Start / Fundamentals Module (2B) Contact (6 hours) Fundamentals / Learn to Train / Train to TrainA standalone Rugby Seven’s module is also available for the community context and is available as a Pro-D workshop. All coaches wishing to take this module must first complete Module (2B) Community Contact for rugby. This module is 6 hours long and is in workshop format.The NCCP Community Initiation context is ideal for Mini, Junior, Elementary and new High School coaches. Registration page: Hosted by: Rugby Ontario & Niagara Sport Commission