Event Type: Film Date: Thursday, Nov 15/2012 thru Thursday, Nov 15/2012 Time: 7pm All films start at 7 p.m. and will be introduced by film critic and programmer Joan Nicks. Note the film rating for each film. ROYAL JOURNEY  (1952 NFB, 51 min., dir. David Barstow)  Rated G In the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, we look back at the young Princess on her 1951 journey across this country, and how the National Film Board of Canada documented this symbolic trip, including her stop at Niagara Falls. Best feature documentary awards, 1952, 1953. THE RAILRODDER  (1965 NFB, 24 min., dir. Gerald Potterton)  Rated G A master of physical comedy, the great silent film actor Buster Keaton drives a railway handcar from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Keaton plays the inventive loner performing sight gags to survive the journey. Berlin International Film Festival, short film special award, 1965.