Niagara Falls History Museum
5810 Ferry Street , Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, L2G 1S9


Visit the Niagara Falls History Museum for a free admission family fun night every Thursday from 5pm-9pm

June 26 

Niagara Playwrights present Motel Culture @ 7pm 

Local writers, Katherine Albers and Michael Donaghue of "Playwrights Niagara" will present an entertaining dramatic reading of their plays, Checking Out and Just Like Old Times as interpreted by Niagara actors, followed by a question period. Checking Out is about a middle aged man who in 1961, anticipates marriage to the girl of his dreams who he has only known for 4 weeks. In Just Like Old Times, in present day Niagara Falls, 2 ex-spouses must share the only vacant motel room due to a winter storm.


July 3- 5pm-9pm

Family Activity Night: Solar Beads | Make a necklace or bracelet and watch them change colour in the sun


July 10- 6pm-9pm

Impersonating 1812 Event: A chance to meet and interact with a cast of characters who portray life as it was in 1812. Come watch an 1812 fashion show, learn a period dance and join our Mini Militia!

2 re-enactors with 2 girls in the courtyard

July 17- 6pm and 7pm

Earth Rangers Event: Join Earth Rangers for an experience you won’t forget. Get an up close encounter with animal ambassadors like Timber the Pine Marten and get inspired to help protect animals in the wild!



July 24- 5pm-9pm

Family Activity Night:  Thaumatropes | Make your own Victorian “turning marvel”


July 31- 5pm-9pm

Family Activity Night:  Egyptian Cartouche | Write your name in Hieroglyphics


August 7- 7pm

Magic @ The Museum: Join magician George Marchionda for a brief history of stage magic including the performance of some of the classic effects associated with sleight-of-hand magic.


August 14- 5pm-9pm

Family Activity Night:  Paper Flowers | A modern twist on a Victorian pastime


August 21-5pm-9pm

Family Activity Night:  Sizeable Souvenirs | Create a masterpiece then watch it shrink in size


August 28- 5pm-pm

Family Activity Night:  Rainbows and Moonbows | Create a colouful wonder to take home


September 4- 7pm

Regency Dance: Step back in time with 1812 Period Dancing accompanied by a live fiddler! Dances for all ages are made up of simple steps, no prior experience needed.  Dress up in 1812 clothing is welcome but not mandatory.

 A group of dancers at the museum

September 11- 5pm-9pm

Family Activity Night: Activity for the night yet to be announced.


September 18- 5pm-7pm

Niagara Night of Art: Live music, visual art, dramatic art, literary art and more! Come on out and enjoy the fun.

 Front of the museum decorated with lamps   Farmers Market at night.  A female artist at work

September 25-7pm

Watching Movies, Seeing Culture:  A talk by Joan Nicks in preparation for the film series 'The Money Game'. A friendly forum and opportunity for discussion about film as an expression of culture.