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4943 Clifton Hill , Attractions Play Home, L2G 3N5


Discover a plethora of marvelous world records, from the tiny, the large, the tall and the just plain unbelievable. Located on Clifton Hill, just a short walk away from the unique Niagara Falls themselves. Come in and explore our large collection of world-famous Guinness record-holders!


With plenty of interactive displays, games trivia and more, you're sure to learn something new in the Guinness World Record Museum. Galleries are themed and put you up close to some of the most incredible and bizarre people and stunts in the world. The Guinness World Record Museum in Clifton Hill sets a new record for fun!

Open year round. Please call for hours of operation
Adults: $13.99 + Tax Senior/Student: $11.99 + Tax Child: $8.99 + Tax
Child is 12 years and under

Open 365 days a year.

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