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  • 5/5 Stars - Alex Coleman - 14/08/2013

    I was walking up the street from the Falls, when I came across sand sculpture exhibition. As I could remember it was the old hockey arena there, on Center Street; but now it's fully renovated for the exhibition it holds. As I came in, the first thing I put my eyes on, naturally, was the price. Honestly, I was a little bit shocked. It's $16 for an adult, and as I was from Niagara Region, they charged me $14. Once I got my ticket, a guy (an attendant, as he told me after) accompanied me to the main hall, where all the show was. When I entered the hall and saw the first couple sculptures, I was amazed to say the least because I could have never imagined that people were able to create the sculptures of such sizes using only sand and water! However, as the attendant saw my face and heard the words I told, he reassured me telling that it's a specials, and that the sculptors used many kinds of it. "Let it be so" I thought, "but how did these people manage to give such shapes to the sand?" "Sand plus water" the guy added. "Seriously? And that's it?" "Yes, only these two materials. You may watch the process on the screen over there". So, I went to far side of the exhibition, where big screen is. Thanks God they have benches there. The video helped me to understand better what they did, how they did, and what the idea of the project was. The sculptures of Isaac Brock, Laura Secord, Washington Capitol and many more significant people of that war helped me to mentally reconstruct some of the events of War 1812. These are magnificent works of art performed by a group of sculptors, and I still don't believe they've done the whole project within two months! I highly recommend each and every person to visit this exhibition and look at the sculptures in person. P.S. I don't regret the money spent because it's worth it. I've never see anything like that.