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The Niagara 1812 Bicentennial Legacy Council was established in 2007, to commemorate the War of 1812 Bicentennial, and celebrate the 200 years of peace between nations that has followed. Niagara truly is 1812,  as it boasts three forts, the site of nine battles, Laura Secord’s Homestead, MacFarland House (which served as a hospital during the war), the Battle Ground Hotel, Major General Sir Isaac Brock’s monument and dozens more sites and buildings from the War of 1812. This region saw a majority of the conflict unfold, hence there are many stories to be told when you visit this year. 2012 is an exciting year for Niagara, with hundreds of bicentennial events taking place throughout the region and as it celebrates a Cultural Capital of Canada designation.

The Legacy Council's "Opening Ceremonies Weekend" (June 15-18) is part of the CCC festivities, with musical performances, fireworks, outdoor cinema, cannon fire, a heritage fair, a Six Nations presentation and much, much more. So, when you’re planning your next visit to Niagara, be sure to take part and learn about the war that shaped Canada forever. Be a part of history and see history come alive this year and in 2013 and 2014. For a complete list of all 1812 events taking place in Niagara, visit   

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