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Located just south of the Falls on the Niagara Parkway , Nature Play Home, L0S 1J0


aerial view of Dufferin Islands trail
aerial view of Dufferin Islands trail
Dufferin Islands is a popular area for locals and tourists alike. Dufferin Islands is 10 acres of paradise - a quiet, secluded park containing several small islands connected by small bridges and footpaths. In recent years, efforts have been made to further naturalize this area with the introduction of fish, the installation of bird feeding stations and bird boxes, as well as planting indigenous vegetation appropriate for this environment. The `catch and release` fish program has been incredibly popular with the public. This area is home to the `Winter Festival of Lights from November to January each year, when several animated lighting displays are placed around the perimeter of the islands. 

Dufferin Islands is free to all who go.The area is a  tranquil place to relax and enjoy nature.

Picnicking opportunities are available.

Located just south of the Falls on the Niagara Parkway, between the Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse and the Rapidsview Parking Lot.

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