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2400 Niagara Parkway , Nature Play Home, L2A 5M4


Located 8 km (5 mi) north of the Peace Bridge ( the bridge that connects Buffalo, N.Y. and Fort Erie, Ontario), on the scenic Niagara Parkway, the Miller's Creek Marina is easily accessible by water and land routes. The Marina was a former shipyard owned by the Canadian Ship Building Company since 1903. The Niagara Parks Commission purchased the property in 1957, and in 1965 the Commission decided to test public demand for a Marina and installed a timber dock on the south side. By 1968, the boat docking facilities had become so popular that a seawall, gas pump and berths for 54 boats were installed. In 1975, 50 additional slips were added, bringing the total to 135 slips. 

 Located on the beautiful Niagara Parkway between Fort Erie and Niagara Falls, the Marina is on the Niagara River Recreation Trail close to Legends on the Niagara Golf Complex and a short drive to the Falls.


135 seasonal docks

16 to 32 foot slips gas pump boat launch ramp picnic area snack bar and gift shop showers, washrooms

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