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6353 Carlton Avenue , Nature Play Home, L2G 5K1


Our story begins in Hungary with our grandmother Anna Klemm and her family. There her father, Rokus Klemm, was known for his magnificent vineyards and gardens. The family left for Canada where Rokus worked as a florist and landscaper in Alberta. Rokus was also a horticultural expert in dahlias. Anna met John Cank and they soon married. Not long after, they had our father John in 1943. Anna’s father continued to grow dahlias and gladiolas on Lundy’s Lane. John and Anna started up Rainbow Gardens with one small greenhouse in 1947. They grew vegetables and annuals, some of which were sold at market. John worked alongside his parents learning his trade with hands on experience. In high school John met our mother Vicky and they married in 1967. Vicky worked as a nurse until the business grew and John needed her by his side. They worked together for the next 35 years taking that one glass greenhouse into many expansions.  

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