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590 South Service Road , Tours Play Home, L8E 2W1


On sale now our $649 package for $499 - Drive over 1 million dollars worth of supercars on our Niagara Exotic Car Tour. Included is 5 cars for 5 hours, fuel, insurance, km and lunch at the Keg overlooking the falls. The best value money can buy!
Our tour starts about 40 minutes outside of Niagara Falls at our location- 590 South Service Rd, Stoney Creek. You will get the thrill of driving a hand selected variety of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Nissan GTR and Maserati on the best mountain roads, highways, on ramps and wine county areas available in the region. Ultimate Exotics is the exclusive Exotic Car Tour business that travels through the Wine areas, back roads, Niagara on the Lake and Niagara Falls. At selected checkpoints all participants switch rotations and vehicles for equal driving in every supercar. All participants are guaranteed to drive every car. Our professional staff will educate you and give a tutorial on all vehicles to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe. All cars are fully automatic with the option of F1 paddle shifts to make the experience stress free. Bring up to 10 friends or book by yourself, this tour is an absolute must if you like cars or just like having an amazing experience!
Come and see why everyone is raving about Ultimate Exotics and the best car tour available in the market. We run these tours up to 7 days a week from April-November. Tours can accommodate up to 10 seats per tour. Please book ahead to reserve your tour.
Low price guarantee for any exotic car package on the market makes Ultimate Exotics a must try tour. Please call us @ 905-570-8687 or book through our website at

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