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15376 Niagara Parkway, R.R. #1 , Wineries Play Home, L0S 1J0


Owners Sam and Lina Pillitteri began converting their Niagara River orchard to vineyard in the early 90’s, opening Riverview in 2000.

After more than 20 years of grape growing Riverview still remains very much a family effort. Excellent rich soils and the talents of Winemaker Angela Kasimos create award-winning wines year after year. The portfolio centres on characterful Gewurztraminer and Angelina’s Reserve Chardonnay among whites, and Bordeaux-style reds, like the triple award-winning Cabernet Franc. A selection of specialized Icewines have enjoyed gold-medal accolades at home and abroad. Come and enjoy at the tasting bar or with a cheese plate on the outdoor patio, and feel part of the Riverview family.

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