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Drawing inspiration from different interactions and movements in our everyday lives, this exhibition highlights Niagara’s community, culture, and connectivity. Empowering artwork that will allow space for authentic conversations, the collection reflects on the most frequently symbolized part of not only the human body but of human interaction.

Wayne Moore is an artist who was born in Portland, Jamaica and raised in Toronto, Canada. His mix of vibrant colours and intricacies stems from his Jamaican cultural roots intertwined with his passion for spreading positive, uplifting energy. Wayne and his family moved to Niagara in 2020. A McMaster University alumni and a CFL running-back for the BC Lions, Moore describes art as his hidden peace of mind and balance, allowing viewers to appreciate his collaboration of colours and textures. Showcasing his artwork through in-depth storytelling, authentic experiences, and versatile exposure allows Moore to express forms of his imagination and constant ideas through his creations.

"My creative product is constantly evolving, discovering endless visions."- W.M.