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4915 Clifton Hill, Ontario Canada, L2G 3N5
Visit Falls Avenue Resort - Canada’s Largest Entertainment Resort to See, Hear and Feel the action at Iwerks 4-D Motion Theatre. You will be in the centre of the action in our special theatre which features simulator style stadium seating, 3-D movie technology bringing the characters to life, and water jets and air blasters for a truly interactive experience.
The Theatre is located
Our current line-up includes: 
“Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” - This adventure features the discovery of a secret map that leads to Mysterious Island and features an all-star cast including Josh Hutcherson, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Caine and Vanessa Hudgson. 
“Happy Feet 4-D Experience” - Journey to Antarctica to meet a colony of lively Emperor Penguins, then head out with the brave and courageous Mumble as he sets out to save his colony from a diminishing food supply in Happy Feet 4-D Experience!

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