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4915 Clifton Hill , Attractions Play Home, L2G 3N5


Limitless fun on the Falls Avenue Resort! Adventure City is home to video and arcade games that test every level of skill, and features Jungle Friends Mini Putt, Combat Bumper Cars, and Tour Bus Swat Team. Adventure City is hours of fun for the entire family.

Tour Bus Swat Team Embark on the most exhilarating tour bus in Niagara. Travel the streets of adventure city and capture all the criminals to keep the streets safe. The more Villains you take down the safer the city becomes and more bragging rights you'll enjoy.

Jungle Friends Funhouse Join the party in the best location the jungle has to offer. Get ready for an exciting journey to the Jungle Friends Funhouse where all the jungle animals will be. Make new friends once you arrive and have the time of your life.

Traffic Slam Bumper Cars Join the 5pm traffic rush; this time there are no limits! Strap yourself in and get ready to drive, sorry Bump and crash your way through the city. Push, thrust, crash, and bump the cars in your way to make it where you need to be on time.

Wild Safari Mini Putt Travel into the depths of the jungle to play the wildest 9 holes of mini-golf in your life. Battle the elements as you strive for that hole-in-one. Be careful where you shoot, you do not want to disturb the King of the Jungle.  

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