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5200 Robinson Street, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, L2G 2A3

Skylon Tower located in Niagara Falls Ontario is the tallest total entertainment complex.

The Skylon Tower includes indoor/outdoor observation of the Falls from 233 meters (775'), Two great dining rooms both overlooking the Falls The Skylon Tower Summitt Suite Buffet Dining Room and the Skylon Tower Revolving Dining Room. At the base, Niagara’s largest indoor amusement area, Skylon Fun Centre, complete with a food court and 4D Theatre.

Shop in one of our 12 speciality shops on the main level as a prelude to your Ride to the Top in our glass enclosed Yellow Bug elevators. Plenty of parking. The Skylon Tower is a signature building that makes our Niagara Falls skyline unique. The Skylon was built in 1964 and opened in 1965. The construction cost $7 million and was financed by the The Hershey Company shareholdings. The Skylon Tower features outside mounted 'Yellow Bug' elevators which at the time of the construction were the first of their kind. The elevators run all year round and are a fun route up to the fantastic observatory at the tip top of the Skylon. Many a fantastic photo have been taken from the top of the Skylon Tower, so make sure you take your camera! SKYLON

OBSERVATIONTOWER GENERAL FACTS:Construction on the Tower was started in May, 1964 Grand Opening was October 6, 1965 Number of observation decks 3 (2 dining rooms, 1 indoor/outdoor observation deck) Total height of tower from base to top of flashing beacon is 520 feet (160m) Height of tower above Maid of the Mist pool is 775 feet (236m) Weight of concrete for tower is 48,000,000 lbs. (21,772,800 kilograms) Weight of concrete for base of Tower is 13,200,000 lbs. (5,987,520 kilograms) Thickness of grey glass at Observatory Level (All windows in the three level Dome are washed monthly by steeple jacks using free suspension from the outside) Number of elevators 3 Time it take the elevators to get to the top 52 seconds Number of steps in each of the two stairways from lower exhibition floor to observation floor is 662 steps Revolving Dining Room – Seating capacity is 276 persons Revolving Dining Room – Speed is 1 complete revolution per hour, 3 h.p. motor required to turn floor Visibility of Observation on clear day is 80 miles (129km)



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