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51 Queen's Parade Road , Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario Canada, L0S 1J0


Fort George National Historic Site is a historic military structure at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, that was the scene of several battles during the War of 1812. The fort consists of  six earthen and log bastions linked by a wooden palisade and surrounded by a dry ditch. Inside the walls, the Royal Engineers constructed a guardhouse, log blockhouses, a hospital, kitchens, workshops, barracks, an officers' quarters, and a stone powder magazine. The superbly designed magazine is the only original building on the site. 

A Brief History of The Fort

From 1812 to 1814, Niagara was a hotly contested battleground, invaded by armies of the United States. Through that bitter conflict, Fort George played a vital role. No visit to the town is complete without a tour of the venerable Fort George National Historic Site of Canada, where British soldiers, Canadian militiamen and Aboriginal peoples fought to ensure that Ontario was not annexed to the United States.

Fort George has been restored to the War of 1812 period and contains buildings furnished to recreate the site as it would have been during war.

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