350 Lakeside Road, Fort Erie Ontario Canada, 23.3km from the Falls

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Canada's Bloodiest Battlefield British Line at Old Fort Erie The year is 1812. You're far from home in the unknown wilds of Upper Canada. The place is Fort Erie and war is in the air. All around you are the exciting sights and sounds of men preparing for battle. Step back into a time of red coats, black powder and gray fortress walls. Over 200 years of living history resides within, at Old Fort Erie. Niagara Parks is preparing to celebrate the Bicentennial of the War of 1812. Plans are being made for special events beginning in 2012 - visit the official website Visit 1812 for updates on this important milestone shared by Canada and the United States of America - Celebrating 200 Years of Peace. Facts & Figures Old Fort Erie Fort Erie was...US infantry from the War of 1812 at Old Fort Erie

  • the site of ancient flint quarries
  • the first fort built in Ontario by the British - in 1764 during Pontiac’s Rebellion
  • a base for British troops, Loyalist Rangers and Iroquois Warriors during the American Revolution (1775 – 1783)
  • Canada’s bloodiest field of battle with over 3000 troops killed and wounded during the Siege of Fort Erie August 3 to September 21, 1814
  • the major crossing point into Canada of the Underground Railroad 1793 - 1865
  • occupied by the Fenians (Irish Republican Army) during their largest raid, 1866
  • visited by Pontiac, General Brock, General Winfield Scott, Lord and Lady Simcoe, Prince Edward (future King Edward VII), Mark Twain.

Closed for the season.  Please check back for special event listings.