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Plan Your Winter Escape

1. See a New Side of Niagara

Mother Nature’s wintry metamorphosis provides beautiful landscapes and unique ways to #ExploreNiagara. Venture to the Falls at night to experience an icy cool illumination or get a new perspective of the great wonder by taking flight with Wildplay Zipline to the Falls, soaring through the skies in a helicopter, taking a Journey Behind the Falls, going for a spin in the Niagara SkyWheel, or elevating your view at Skylon Tower.

2. Canadian Classics

No other time of year can you enjoy quintessential Canadian experiences such as ice-skating outdoors at Wayne Gretzky Estates.

Be sure to lace up and make the most of the snowy winterscape!

3. #PicturePerfect

With colder temperatures, fewer people may be out and about, making it easier for you to capture insta-worthy shots.

4. Get Cozy

Compared to the great north, the weather in Niagara Falls is wonderfully mild. Typical winter temperatures in the region range from 2 to - 8 degrees Celsius. Layer up with your cozy knits and wintry outfits and journey outside for an adventure.

5. Seasonal Events

Only during winter can you experience events such as the Winter Festival of Lights and New Year’s Eve.

6. Budget-friendly Accommodation

Hotels and other accommodations offer significant off-season promotional packages to encourage you to stay and play. What a dream!

Staying in a Fallsview hotel and getting your best night’s sleep has never been more within reach.

7. More Bang for Your Buck

Want to make the most of your stay? Niagara Parks offers huge deals on many of Niagara Falls’ iconic attractions including Niagara’s Fury and Journey Behind the Falls during winter with their Wonder Pass.

8. Say hello to shorter wait times

Travelling off-peak means fewer crowds which equates to shorter wait times! You won’t have to line up for long in the cold to enjoy attractions or make reservations too far in advance for restaurants.

9. Go Big

With the money you’ll save on accommodations and attractions, you can level up your visit. Why not upgrade to a longer stay with a luxurious experience? Take advantage of one of our packages, dine at a fine restaurant, see a fabulous show, chill at a lounge, relax at a spa, or take a tour of a winery, brewery or distillery.

10. It’s Always Summer Indoors

When the weather gets a bit too chilly, head indoors to warm up. Escape to a tropical oasis like the Butterfly Conservatory, Bird Kingdom, the Floral Showhouse, or one of our indoor waterparks.

11. Live Like a Local

Understandably, locals love Niagara Falls. Strike up a conversation to learn about what living in Niagara is all about, its many hidden gems as well as all the tips and tricks to have an authentic experience.

Plan Your Winter Escape


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Ramon Persaud

I was there yesterday with my son 10yr. The falls was beautiful . The Skyline was spectacular, what an amazing experience! I would like to take my son on the boat next trip when it gets warmer. Can't wait!!!

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