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Shaw Festival 10 Queen's Parade, Niagara-on-the-Lake
19.3km from the Falls (12mi)


A flat-out, full-tilt British farce.


June 6 - October 13

What do you do when you’re employed by a murderous gangster and a wealthy snob? You do everything in your power to make sure they never meet! This modern take on Carlo Goldoni’s Commedia dell’arte classic, The Servant of Two Masters, has it all: romantic romps, criminal capers and some of the funniest dialogue this side of Brighton. It’s a sure-fire crowd-pleaser that will not only keep you on the edge of your seat but will pull you right out of it!

By Richard Bean

Based on The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni

With songs by Grant Olding

Directed by Chris Abraham

Set and costumes designed by Julie Fox

Lighting designed by Kimberly Purtell

Original music and sound designed by Thomas Ryder Payne